The following is from Breath of Devotion by Shri Balaji, available on our web library:
The hidden banner is planted in
the temple of the sky; there the
blue canopy decked with the moon
and set with bright jewels is spread.
There the light of the sun and the
moon is shining; still your mind
to silence before that splendor.
Kabir says: "He who has drunk of this
nectar, wanders like one who is mad."
- From Songs of Kabir XLIII:
>”The hidden banner"<
Banner is tongue.
>"is planted in the temple of the sky"<
Term "kechari" means "sky" or "space"
And so the tongue is in Kechari (that is,
"planted in the temple of the sky")
Pranab Gita Commentary 1.20: "Kapidvaja" -- "During the Sãdhanã, is inverted and is entered the nasal cavity by slightly pressurizing the soft palate from the left, and this state of the sãdhaka is called Kapidvaja, the flag or banner with a monkey."
Now the mind experiences the stillness at Kutastha.Mind becomes perfectly collected between the eyebrows and gathers into a circular light. In the quietude of the luminous circular light of inner space between the eyebrows
>"there the blue canopy “<
) mind perceives the central Divine glow like the white light of the full moon (
>”decked with the moon"<
Pranab Gita: “There is a place of circular spiritual light in between the eyebrows. Now the point in the center of this light is known as “KUTA” (Kutastha). KUTA is inexpressible in words. When one sees through the KUTA, the natural shroud is removed. Around the KUTA is seen the glow of consciousness---the VIVASWAN. Inside KUTA is the Divine glow like the spherical glow of the full moon.
>There the light of the sun and the moon is shining<
Moon, that is, Ida (the in-breath) and Sun ( Pingala) ---- the out-breath, and have been balanced to perfect stillness (
>"There the light of the sun and the moon is shining”<
>still your mind to silence before that splendor<
Hence the mind comes to perfect rest
>"He who has drunk of this nectar, wanders like one who is mad."<
Union of male and female (tongue and nasal hole, kundalini and brain, in breath- out breath) produces the liquid or spiritual nectar which drips down from the brain down the nasal hole and drips in time with the heartbeat until merging to perfect stillness. That is the secret experience. It is the real experience.
Let him wander like a drunkard, drunk on a different kind of liquor! Those who practice know this well!
Om Tat Sat

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