“As soon as Priya Nath entered the tent he heard a welcoming voice announcing, “Swamiji Maharaj! Take your seat.” He saw a very bright and pleasant looking saint [The Mahamuni Babaji Maharaj] smilingly signaling him to take his seat. Priya Nath bowed before the saint in reverence, took his seat and then said, “Your holiness! I am not a Sannyasi; why then are you addressing me as Swamiji Maharaj?” At this the strange Saint went into a loud laughter and remarked, “It has come out of my mouth that you are Swamiji Maharaj; hence you are surely a Swamiji Maharaj!” Saying this, the saint went into laughter again.”
Sri Sailendra Bejoy Dasgupta from his book "Kriya Yoga", Yoga Niketan

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