In the year 1884 Naren's (the future Swami Vivekananda) father died of a heart attack. It was found that he was very much in debt. The family was in financial ruin. Naren was the oldest son and so the financial responsibility fell upon his shoulder's. He searched everywhere for work but met with refusal. Walking everywhere looking for work his feet became blistered.
The family did not even have food to eat. Such was their extreme poverty.
One day Naren[Vivekananda] decided to ask Ramakrishna to pray on his behalf that the family's money troubles might be over. Ramakrishna had told him "Well, today is Tuesday which is a day sacred to the Mother. If you go to the temple and pray She shall grant your wish!" That night Ramakrishna sent Naren to the Kali Temple to pray. As Naren walked to the Temple he was overcome by intoxication and Bliss, he was reeling! Entering the Temple he found the image of Mother was alive and moving. Naren was thrilled and overcome with Bliss and bowed again and again saying "Grant me divine knowledge and devotion! He was so overcome with Bliss that he completely forgot the prayer on behalf of his family!".
Coming back to Ramakrishna the Master asked him "Well, did you pray for your family wants?" Naren suddenly realized he had become so intoxicated by Mother that he had forgotten. Ramakrishna immediately sent him back to Kali Temple.
Again the same experience occurred—the intoxication and forgetting to ask for the families financial security. Returning to the Master, Ramakrishna smiled at him teasingly and said "Silly boy! Couldn't you control yourself and say a simple prayer? Go back one more time! Hurry!"
Naren returned to the Temple. The intoxication came but this time Naren remembered the prayer but he would not utter it. He thought it was like asking for "gourds and pumpkins" in the presence of a king. Once again he only asked for divine knowledge and devotion.
- Ramakrishna and His Disciples by Christopher Isherwood