Ramakrishna was walking in the garden at Dakshineswar when he passed into an ecstatic mood, fell and dislocated a bone in his left arm. M., who visited him a few days later, on February 2nd, tells how Ramakrishna addressed the Divine Mother like a reproachful child, `Why did you do this to me, Mother? Just look
at my arm - how badly it's hurt!' Turning to the devotees, he asked anxiously, `Am I going to get all right again?' They reassured him as one reassures a child.... But, a few moments later, he was talking and laughing as if nothing had happened. And then he began teaching the devotees how to pray. Was he really suffering? Nobody could be sure. Even while the doctor was bandaging his arm, he laughed and joked.
- Christopher Isherwood, Ramakrishna and His Disciples