"When the steady chitta becomes void of matter and form, the Lord in it appears as formless, but it is not the last truth. Beyond the endless formless is experienced the pleasing form, it is not illusive, it is the eternal, living truth, which is seen very rarely by the very rare ones, who are the liberated ones---stationed according to their status.
The stage above this cannot be explained or understood.  Many imagine that the yogis in samadhi cannot experience anything, thus there is no anand in it, but the truth is that the spiritual anand which they receive cannot be compared to anything of this world.  Worship of the form is done in many ways. Many forms present themselves to the perfected sadhakas and later they get worshipped by the people, making the act of worship easier for them. We should know that these are not just imaginations, the yogis experience these forms during their meditation. Yet worshipping just for namesake, it all seems lifeless. This is not due to the fault in the image, but it depends on the sadhak's sentiment. By effortful worship these lifeless statues are initated by pran or life and at times sadhaks can get gratified by devotion to them. Repetition of sacred words and mantras, meditating on the form of the statue, singing hymns and praises."
~ Sri Sanyal Mahasaya from Spiritual Gita 12:20, English translation by Smt. Chandrakanta Agarwala, Published by Sundeep Agarwala, Calcutta.