"One afternoon during the period of the visit Priya Nath crossed the Jumna in a boat from the side of Allahabad to the bank opposite.  This side of the river Jumna was known as Jhusi.  He crossed over there in order to avoid huge crowds on the Allahabad side.  On the Jhusi side also Sadhus
and religious men had pitched up tents on either side of the road running along the bank of the river.  But this side was not as crowded as the side opposite.  Priya Nath was dressed in the attire of a middle class respectable Bengali gentleman; he was strolling along the road and was engrossed in his earlier musings over spiritual potentials of individuals which had no relation to any type of life one might live.  He was also thinking about the teachings of Christ, some of which appeared to him to be similar to basic conceptions of the Hindus.  About this time a monk called to him from his back addressing him as Swamiji Maharaj and led him into a tent close by.
As soon as Priya Nath entered the tent he heard a welcoming voice announcing, “Swamiji Maharaj!  Take your seat.”  He saw a very bright and pleasant looking saint smilingly signalling him to take his seat.  Priya Nath bowed before the saint in reverence, took his seat aad then said, “Your holiness!  I am not a Sannyasi; why then are you addressing me as Swamiji Maharaj?”  At this the strange saint went into a loud laughter and remarked, “It has come out of my mouth that you are Swamiji Maharaj; hence you are surely a Swamiji Maharaj!”  Saying this the saint went into laughter again.  This unusual reaction surprised Priya Nath and he stopped protesting any further.  Priya Nath was impressed by the bright appearance of the strange saint who seemed to him to be a Yogi of a very high order.  His pleasant and affectionate behaviour made him discuss with him some of the questions that were agitating him.  Taking up the thread of his erstwhile musings he openly gave expression to his impressions that there might be many persons in America and other Western countries who might possess similar spiritual wealth as the ascetics that had congregated the Kumbha, if not more than many.  The saint who was listening with interest smilingly nodded approval as Priya Nath had said this.  Priya Nath then raised his other favourite theme, that of similarity between Hindu basic spiritual conceptions and basic conceptions underlying some teachings of Jesus Christ.  This time also the saint nodding approval remarked, “You have rightly said.”  Then suddenly the saint proposed, “You have been writing the Gita at your Guru’s behest; why not write a book on the subjects you have discussed here, at my behest?”  Priya Nath was startled at such an unexpected development and replied in consternation, “What a suggestion Sir!  I am not a man of erudition in the Shastras; how can I venture to undertake such a serious task?”  The saint, at this, burst into loud laughter in the same way as when Priya Nath protested after having been addressed as Swamiji Maharaj, and remarked, “No one refuses to do my biddings! it has come out of mouth and I also know that this will be accomplished.”  So saying the saint went into loud laughter again.  This devasteting laughter washed off Priya Nath’s protestations.  Calming down Priya Nath pleaded, “Sir, If I am able to write as you have desired shall I see you again?”  “Surely” was the reassuring reply of the saint."
~ Sri Sailendra Bejoy Dasgupta,Kriya Yoga, Chapter 1. Yoga Niketan.