"With the support of Brahmanandi, by fixing the gaze at kutashta, and mutually chanting the atma-mantra-coupled with prana, puraka - Rechaka (in breath and out breath) is performed by striking at each lotus, striking one center at a time and then by keeping the swabhava in control and not assuming doership in the flow of prana; one traverses from one center to another."
~ Swami Pranabananda Paramahamsa from Pranab Gita 3:11, English translation, Yoga Niketan
"Sadhaka raises his tongue and enters the nasal cavity, behind the epiglottis, and reaches behind the nasal cavity and penetrates the sinus cavity and finally reaches to the Brahmarandhra - the fountain of nectar of immortality. The Amrita drips from there and reaches to pingala. By preventing the Amrita from entering to pingala, and by pressing the front of the tongue with teeth, one can perceive the abode of Yoni."
~ Swami Pranabananda Paramahamsa from Pranab Gita 9:16, English translation, Yoga Niketan