Subsequently, the Sadhaka with Pranava Mantra, the representative of Brahman, sitting in firm asana, moves his Prana from Muladhar through the path of consciousness by performing Kriyas as instructed by Gurudeva.
Vyavaharan = Specific Movement, i.e., upward movement (in this case). Ut = upward,Chaara = to do or act, and Ayan = movement or motion. i.e. will move Prana to upward direction. This process is called rising of the Goddess Kundalini. How can one achieve that? What is the method?
By gradually raising of Goddess Kundalini through the center of Brahmanaadi; rising from Muladhara toSahasrar, while offering the oblation to that Param Shivam ([Raising the Kundalini step by step]from Kamapura Chakra to Swadhisthan while annihilating anger, reaching at Manipura while destroying the eight fold greed forcefully, reaching at Anahata while annihilating the attachments, reaching at Vishuddha while destroying passion and arrogance (Mada), and finally piercing the Ajna Chakra while destroying jealousy (Matsar), one can attain that.
~ Pranab Gita Chapter 8:12-13, English Translation copyright Yoga Niketan