Once at a time when my Master was describing to me some very deep private intricacies of Kriya Yoga, he was also relating to me the loftiness of the various intimate disciples of Lahiri Mahasaya who the Yogiraj had authorised to become His channels. Great, lofty, trusted disciples of the Yogiraj, such as Sri Yukteshvarji. My Dadu related this story to me concerning Sri Yukteshavarji’s initiation into Kriya from Lahiri Mahasaya.
It is an example of how exalted these beings are. Dadu used to tell me how Sri Yukteshvarji was a “natural born yogi from birth”. At the time of Sri Yukteshvarji’s initiation from Lahiri Mahasaya, the Yogiraj passed to Sri Yukteshvarji the technique for achieving Khechari Mudra and right there on the spot, Sri Yukteshvarji’s tongue went right into the full completed stage of Khechari Mudra. Right there at the moment of initiation! My Dadu used to say to me “Sri Yukteshvarji was a natural born yogi. He was born that way! He didn’t have to labour the way us ordinary people do. From the very first day, from the very first moment of initiation, his tongue went into the full completed stage of Khechari Mudra. He was a natural born yogi.”
- As told by Sri Balaji Maharaj