'When people try to practise religion,' said Naren (Swami Vivekananda), 'eighty per cent of them turn into cheats, and about fifteen per cent go mad. It's only the remaining five per cent who get some direct knowledge of the Truth and so become blessed. Therefore, beware!' At first, even the young disciples (of Ramakrishna) were unwilling to agree with Naren; they felt he was being too severe. But then it was discovered that several devotees were actually trying to induce the outer physical symptoms of samadhi and imitate the movements of one who is dancing in a state of ecstasy.
- Christopher Isherwood from Ramakrishna and His Disciples
Incident after the passing of Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa -
Some days later, Sarada Prasanna reappeared as suddenly as he had left. His pilgrimage had not been a success, for he had gone no farther than Konnagar, a small town only a few miles distant. However, he had stopped a night at the Dakshineswar Temple and seen Pratap Chandra Hazra, who was giving himself the airs of a paramahamsa, now that he felt secure from Ramakrishna's ridicule. Hazra had even had the effrontery to ask Sarada Prasanna, `What do you think of me?' When Sarada did not answer, Hazra demanded tobacco. He seemed to expect to be waited on. Sarada told all this to M., with humorous simplicity.
- Christopher Isherwood from Ramakrishna and His Disciples