A devotee had written an account of visiting with the Master, back October 2015. Whilst some private things had to be edited or removed, some of it can also be shared:


The past few days, several of us have gathered together to sit at Master’s feet and have His darshan. It has been a profoundly difficult past year for Master with many difficult things going on. It was hoped by a few of us that Master would come to Coconut to finally be alone and have some time to rest after this very difficult period, but as always, Master’s heart melted when He thought of others. A few of us had been very worried about Master meeting with people at this time and at times even pleaded for Him to rest, but when pressed, He looked at us and said, “You can’t feel people’s hearts tugging at me?” and once again, not being able to bear the thought of anyone’s suffering, Master gave us all so much of His time and love. The past few days we have sat at His feet and experienced and heard so many things and I will try to do the best I can for the people who were not fortunate enough to be here, so they too can carry with them some of the endless blessings that have been showered upon us this weekend.

The undeniable truth is simply that people really have to be here, at the feet of the Guru to truly feel what takes place. As much as one can describe the external events that occurred, or recount the lofty things that were spoken, how can one convey the living experience of being transported to another realm by the eternally sweet divine child, taking your hand and leading you into Gokul? What is sweeter, more charming than the Divine Child, innocently playing, singing, teasing? Can there be a delight greater than this? There is no “Thursday night, Friday morning”, no “2pm, 11am”. The world disappears, all thoughts melt away, there is just the sweetest, indescribable joy. And with it, some unspeakable things take place, behind the words, behind the events, something very deep within, beyond the mind, beyond any thought, so much so, that talking of “things and events” all become deeply external. It is a living experience, perhaps this is what the scriptures call “blessing” or “darshan”, for I feel deeper than ever, the profound touch of divinity. Does it make any difference what we did, what we heard, what we drank and ate and when it all took place? Master often says that being immersed in bhava and worship is so high, so lofty, so sweet, but people with diseased minds come and force Him to come way down, to a much lower level to talk about crazy things. So try as I might to recount the external events of the past few days, people must realise that what takes place is truly unspeakable and cannot really be described.

Coming respectfully and quietly into the room, we bow from a distance and see Master is sat on His asana, completely lost in smarana. Around Him are His sacred things, the images of God. From time to time He will stir, maybe lisp like a shy boy. Completely lost within, out will spontaneously pour some simple yet deeply stirring song to God. Ahead of Him on the big screen are pictures of great sages. They know nothing but God. Nothing else comes into their mind, they are untouched by anything of this world. They are pure and simple and completely and effortlessly aware of nothing but God. Master sees the screen and once again, is lost to the world. He often says that He can relate to nothing in this world except these rare devotees. Master says, “Kriya Yoga is the mind resting perfectly on nothing but God. Look at any small child, entirely dependent on his mother. THAT is a yogi. That little child knows nothing else but mama” Once again Master loses Himself within. After a while, Master stirs a little and looks around the room. Around Him are a room full of people who have come to hear “things” and learn “lessons” when really, they have come to kill Master. To kill the little child who knows nothing but “mama” (God), these people come and force Master to know “things”, they try to stop Him from being who He really is so that their diseased minds can hear “inspirational” talks. They go away feeling proud of their learning. Yet sat in front of them is the rarest miracle on this earth. The highest living and breathing embodiment of Yoga, a being who all the scriptures in ten directions bow to.

Master stirs once again and struggling to pick up His mp3 player, He presses a few buttons. On the speakers we can hear a short and funny clip from a show, and we all laugh. Master mimics the man’s voice and we all laugh again, such is the simple way we spent the past few days. On the outside, many other things took place... so many fun things. Other very deep and serious things also. Master spoke much about the intricacies of sadhana and the right way to do it, the correct attitudes to cultivate, how service and serving others is the highest attitude of all, and many, many such things that cannot be spoken about or shared. There were countless lessons for us all to take away and reflect on. But what was passed without words, without speaking, that was the most profound of all. I felt completely changed and truly blessed. As I am saddened at the thought of returning home to an alien world, I will try to hold onto these sacred memories and carry them with me deep in my heart, each and every day. It has been a very sacred time and I can do nothing but bow to Master, again and again.