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The nature of Bulleh Shah's realization led to such a profound egolessness and non-concern for social convention that it has been the source of many popular comical stories -- calling to mind stories of St. Francis or Ramakrishna. For example, one day Bulleh Shah saw a young woman eagerly waiting for her husband to return home. Seeing how, in her anticipation, she braided her hair, Bulleh Shah deeply identified with the devoted way she prepared herself for her beloved.
So Bulleh Shah dressed himself as a woman and braided his own hair, before rushing to see his teacher, Inayat Shah.
Towards the end of His life His (Sri Chaitanya) love-in-separation for God Krishna reached such a pitch of intensity that He gradually lost all touch with public life, spending His days in a state of intense devotion to His deity and in beautific visions.
The world as such lost all its bearings for Sri Chaitanya who remained absorbed in intense Bhava of Sri Radha that Krishna had left her to mourn His absence at Vrindavana when He went to Kurukshetra and Mathura.  Sri Chaitanya repeated Radha's soliloquy, wept like a child, saying, "O Krishna, where art Thou?  Why hast Thou left me?  How can I live without Thee?  I had my Lord, Again I lost Him.  Who has snatched away my Krishna?" etc., etc.  The word "Krishna" conveyed a special meaning to Him; it caused Him to see Krishna as if with His own eyes, to hear the flute of Krishna with His ears, to smell the scent of Krishna's fragrance with His nose, to taste the liquid mellowness of Krishna with His tongue and to feel Krishna by touch at one and the same time. In such ecstasy He could not but fail to lose His mental balance and fell into trance upon trance.  So acute was His ecstatic love for Krishna that nothing could bring consolation to Him in the supreme intensity of His love-in-separation from God.  He was restless and full of impatience.  It was only Svarupa Damodara and Raya Ramananda who brought Him some alleviation by singing and reciting verses from the Bhagavata, Gitagovinda, Krishna Karnamrita, songs of Vidyapati, Chandidasa and Ramananda himself.  At nights His emotion was intensified, and Raya and Svarupa would sit up till mid-night singing songs appropriate to His feelings.  One day hearing the sweet melody of the song of Gitagovinda sung by a dancing girl in the temple in the Gujara-Ragini mode Sri Chaitanya in a state of semi-consciousness, under the impulse of love, blindly rushed in the direction from which the enchanting melody was coming through the wild growth of prickly plants.
- Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu  byDr. Sambhidananda Das