Sri Sailendra Bejoy Dasgupta

Life-portrait and Reminiscences

Swami Satyananda Giriji Maharaj, eminent and revered disciple of Swami Sriyukteshvar has written the following: "During the time that Yoganandaji was in India [after returning from America], Sailendra Bejoy was with him practically all day every day and attended to him in many different ways. Swamiji had a great wish that he would take Sailendra Bejoy to America. Even after [Yoganandaji] went back to America, he wrote to me about this many times. But at that time, Sailendra Bejoy did not particularly have much interest in that direction." And also: "With him was Bishnu Charan, nephew Ajit-da, Bijoy Mullick, Ananda Lahiri, Sailen Dasgupta and another one or two people. Because of my illness, I had written to Swamiji that Sailendra should work as his attendant in my place. Swamiji had also received Sailen with truly great affection." ~ YOGANANDA SANGA (The Company of Yogananda): As I have seen and understood Paramahansa Swami Sri Yogananda by Swami Satyananda
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