Spiritual Commentary by Yogiraj Sri Sri Shyama Charan Lahiri Mahasaya

  • In light of Kriya Yoga, Lahiri Mahasaya comments on the slokas of Kabir.
  • LIKHTE GURU PARAKH KO ANG - On the Matter of Testing the Guru
  • LIKHTE SAT GURU KA ANGSHA - On the Description of Satguru
  • LIKHTE SUMIRAN KA ANG - On Doing Remembrance
  • LIKHTE AAKIL KO ANG - Elucidation on the Matter of Buddhi [intelligence, intellect]
  • LIKHTE UPADESH KO ANG - Elucidation on the Matter of Upadesh [teachings, initiation]
  • LIKHTE BHAKTI KI ANG - Elucidation on the Subject of Devotion
  • LIKHTE PREM KO ANG - Elucidation on the Matter of Love
  • BIRAHA KO ANG - On Profound Longing [“Biraha” - Pain of Separation]
  • SAAKSHI GYAAN BIRAHA KO ANG - [Witness/Direct Experience] Elucidation on Spiritual Knowledge and Longing
  • LIKHTE PARICHAY KI ANG - On Getting to Know [or: On Certain Characteristic Attributes]
  • LIKHTE ASTHIRATA KO ANG - On Restlessness*
  • LIKHTE LOKO ANG - SAKSHI - [WITNESS/DIRECT EXPERIENCE] Elucidation on “Loka[s]” (special state[s] [or: “planes of consciousness”]) [On] the state[s] attained upon Stillness coming about, and the signs of the Great Beings who have attained that State
  • LIKHTE HERAT KI ANG - Witnessing [or: Looking to Find] Truth
  • LIKHTE JARNA KO ANG - [On Knowing and Speaking about Mystical Matters]
  • LIKHTE LOKO ANG [2] - The Subject of Spiritual States [or: Spiritual Planes]
  • PATI BARTAA KO ANG - On Devotion to the Beloved
  • CHETAWANI KO ANG - On Awakening [Realization]
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